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7 year Old Female CKC

Angel came into us just before christmas eve. Her story is not a happy one and for this little girl her time with us is nearly over.

She was re homed with a grade 5 heart murmur and terrible teeth, along with dry eye.
Angels owners knew nothing about treatment for her heart so sadly this girl has not received medication.

We took her straight to our vets and were warned her prognosis is not good, we have started her on heart medication to see if we could give her some quality time for her to be loved and pampered before her time comes to an end.

Angel's appetite has improved and she has gained weight, she loves to be cuddled and is happiest curled up on your lap - for her it truly is heaven and she would stay there all day if it were possible.

Sadly her heart is not improving despite the medication. She will go back to the vets on the 30th Dec and we will discuss what will be best for her. Please read this and consider where your puppies come from, what the mothers suffer to produce your pride and joy.

Angel has suffered her whole life and only now whilst she is dying does she truly know what life should have been life for her.

As heartbreaking as it is to love her knowing we will loose her - she deserved to be loved, she deserved to be cherished and she deserved a life where she was looked after. Tragically it has come to late to save this little girl but we will never stop trying to save those that are still to come.

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