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Bagel's Forever Home

One day at the beginning of May 2014, my wife Soo was browsing through the web looking at nothing in particular, when she came upon a picture of the cutest Beagle puppy (who was called Popeye by ProDogs, as the glands under his eye had popped out causing ‘red-eye’, a fairly common complaint for Beagles).

She instantly fell in love, but I (Bill) didn’t know anything about this for a couple of days, until she explained how she had found this little bundle of joy. Although she was determined not to have any more pets after we lost our three cats within a couple of years (the last in 2012), she was smitten by Popeye/Bagel and asked me if I would help her get him.

I have to confess to being hesitant about applying to adopt Bagel, simply because I wanted to make
sure that Soo was ready for another pet to love – the next days and weeks convinced me time and time again!


Having written to ProDogs Direct, I was sent an application, which was returned immediately and I followed this up with several emails and phone calls; I am sure I was making a nuisance of myself but equally I was on a mission to get this beautiful boy for Soo primarily as she really never stopped talking about him.

I eventually got some positive feedback when a lovely lady called me in the office and spent a good 30 minutes chatting, presumably not just to tell me how the charity worked, but also to establish that we were very serious about our potential commitment to the puppy. Shortly after that, I got a call from Lindsey, who was the foster carer for Bagel; the phone call with Lindsey was amazing and even though she was supportive she spent a lot of time explaining the pitfalls of caring for a Beagle, so that we had the full picture of the challenge that lay ahead.

Eventually, Lindsey said that she felt we could be good for him and subsequently a visit to our home was arranged by an inspector, when we were thrilled to be told that we had ‘passed the audition’ and would be
recommended as a suitable ‘foreverhome’ for Bagel.


So, on Friday 6 June, we drove down to Chatham from London (where we had stopped the night with my daughter in Battersea Reach) and on the way, we bought a whole range of bedding, bed toys and food for our new charge. We were quite nervous about meeting Lindsey of course and wrongly imagined that her house, which
was home to at least 6 dogs and pups at that time, would be over-­‐run by pups and all the attendant problems!

We could not have been more wrong – Lindsey’s home was immaculate and the pups and dogs were all so
content and happy. It was obvious to us both that we were in the presence of someone very special
indeed. We spent an hour or so with Lindsey and her foster pups and it was truly inspirational and
very heartwarming. When Lindsey confirmed that we could take Bagel home with us and got out the paperwork, I could sense Soo’s excitement levels soaring – as were mine.


We were then concerned that such a long car journey might upset the poor little thing but we couldn’t have been more wrong!

He immediately laid down in his little bed and settled down for the journey without any trouble or crying at all!

So, I looked for a country park so that we could take him for his first walk and luckily found one within 10 miles of
Chatham – he walked on his lead in the most wonderful fashion and we had the first of several hundred compliments since that time when people we meet seem to fall in love with him instantly!

By the time we got home, some 5hrs later, Bagel was still sleeping and we had to wake him to introduce him to his new forever home. He wandered round part of the garden and was very weary so we eventually took him inside, where he promptly did a poo and wee (to mark his territory?) and looked very guilty although
nothing was said to him.

The great thing is that it took no more than a couple of weeks for him to be house-­‐trained – and we are convinced most of the credit here should go to the wonderful Lindsey!


She gave him so much love and care after his dreadful start to life and we got the benefit of that we are convinced.

Now that Bagel is just over six months old, we couldn’t be more delighted and we simply love him so very much it hurts at times. He has changed our lives for the better even though we didn’t realise it, he was meant to be with us. And he is with us 24/7 and never ceases to make us smile and feel happy.

We look forward to every single day with him and we are absolutely sure that he knows how much he
is loved and our house has even been re-christened Bagel’s Kingdom by us and our friends.

He loves meeting new people, new dogs and children and is always a total delight, being the most popular boy on the Hills & Dales where he has 50% of his walks – the others being in the fields and woods around our house.

Not only that, but he comes to work with us every day and in a building where there are around 18
companies, with people working there we had never met before, EVERYONE knows Bagel – and most of
them call into our offices to have a cuddle with him every day. Even ones who said they weren’t dog

We know how lucky we are to have been given the chance to love and look after Bagel and we genuinely hope that he feels the same – and with all the love he gives us we are pretty sure about that.

ProDogs Direct do an amazing job with these poor little guys and girls and people like Lindsey are totally inspiring – there is simply no other way to look at it.
Thanks ProDogs Direct!

Soo and Bill Archer (and Bagel of course!)


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