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8 Month Old Female
French Bulldog
If you are able to donate towards Baguettes further surgeries it would be most appreciated, donations can be made via PayPal to - please mark Baguette xx

Baguette has been with us since birth, she came in with a cleft pallet and was hand reared by one of our wonderful volunteers. Baguette has since had several surgeries, her cleft has been complex and difficult to repair but it hasn’t held her back at all.

As her cleft was so very severe we have had to do staged surgeries and gradually reduce the cleft as opposed to straight repair surgery. Her first repair broke down completely but we are making headway now. It is a slow process but she copes well and to be honest you would not know the following day that she has had surgery as the issue is keeping her calm and stopping her from trying to chew toys etc. If we were advised at any point that Baguette was suffering we would review her treatment. She is doing well, copes too well with surgery and is thriving and full of beans.

We are hoping her next surgery will be in a couple of weeks and then following this she should have, what we hope to be her final surgery in another 4-6 weeks. Surgery is complex and expensive but we could never allow a dog to die when their condition is treatable and poses no ongoing health risk when repaired. We appreciate that surgery costs a lot of money but how can we place a price on Baguette’s life and other cleft pups just like her.

We are so very grateful to all who have helped with Baguettes surgeries so far and hope others will help so we can finish her treatment and find her forever home. To all who have applied, we will continue to hold applications and as soon as Baguette is fully fit we will look at them all.

Baguette will need to be re homed with another dog, she has never been an only dog and would not cope without canine companionship. Like many Frenchies Baguette is small but shy she is not! She is a full on dog with attitude and we will be looking for owners who are breed experienced and understanding of the temperament.

She is currently being fostered in Guildford Surrey. For further details regarding dogs available from Pro Dogs Direct, please email or visit our website and complete an application form. (Please note application form is not ipad or phone compatible). Home checks and set donations apply. If you have NOT received a reply to your application/email within 48 hours please email to confirm receipt. We DO reply to all emails we receive.

6 week old Female
French Bulldog

Baguette our litle cleftie pup is doing remarkably well thanks to the dedication of her foster mum. As you can see from the pictures she finds all this going to work stuff rather tiring! Its hard work being this cute don't you know.
She is clearly a strong little girl and now all we need is for her to grow some more before we can assess her for surgery. She has both a cleft pallet and lip. There is not a quick fix as the tissue in the mouth and pallet is particularly difficult to work with
And she will require multiple surgeries.

We will be setting up a Funding Page for Baguette and hope that you will support her through her surgery so that she too can find her forever home once she is all fixed. Baguette knows no difference to how she has been reared and has not suffered in any way.
At Pro Dogs we believe that every life is worth saving so long as the animal is not suffering and it is ethically the right thing to try and save a life. Yes she will Cost a huge amount of money to fix but how do you place a price on life? We couldn't either....

If you would like to help us raise funds for Baguette please do get in touch we would love to hear from you. If you would like to make a donation via our PayPal to we would be very grateful. Any amount will help us to help Baguette.

We will let you know how this little lady gets on and when she is ready for surgery.

3 Week Old Female
French Bulldog

Little Baguette came to us for hand rearing with her sister as they were born with cleft pallets. Sadly her sister did not survive. Baguette is doing well so far, but there are no guarantees that she will make it. We will rest a little easier when she reaches the 7-8 week milestone.

Puppies can do so well and then fade for no apparent reason. Only time will tell if this little one will make it. We are all rooting for her and she is being looked after by one of the best.

We know that her surgery will be expensive but we believe she deserves the chance of living a long and happy life. Once she is old enough we will repair her cleft, this normally takes 2-3 operations. Once completed she will live a normal life.

Baguette will be a very social, happy well adjusted pup when she is ready to be re homed. We will continue to update you on her progress.

Please do not apply at this time, we will update the website when we are accepting applications, realistically this could be approximately 6 months time when her surgeries have been completed. If anyone has any ideas to help us to raise the funds to cover her surgeries, we would love to hear from you - please email

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