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Connie's Story

ProDogsDirect rescued Connie, her siblings, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins who were suffering from Parvo Virus. She was the last of her litter to find a home and went to live with her family when she was four months old.

She's been a busy little button since her adoption, read all about her adventures with her fabulous family below.

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Connie's Forever Home

Lively, loving & special. That's what we signed up for the day we brought Constance (aka Connie) home from pro dogs rescue. Not to forget to mention the puppy training & shoe chewing but that's what you have to expect when bringing home a puppy! We saw Constance's story on pro dogs and I instantly fell in love. I pestered and pestered my mum until she read Connie's story and she to fell head over heels. Mum was a little reserved about getting Connie as she knew the responsibility behind having a puppy alongside moving and other everyday things going on she thought long and hard about offering Constance a home. Eventually mum emailed Sally to check if Connie was still looking for her forever home. And she was having someone gone to pick her up and leave her as she was not fluffy enough! Mum and I instantly said we would love to have her as a part of our family. The home check went swimmingly and we arranged a day to meet her and bring her home.

The day of picking Connie up was one of excitement! The first thing I thought when I picked her up was just how stunning she was... A little ball of white fluff with a spotty ginger back and odd ginger ear. You could tell she was special. She settled with us instantly! Playing chewing smiling barking. As happy as could be. She came into our home like a gust of wind playing endlessly and teaching my other rescue how to play for the first time ever... And they haven't stopped since!

She is an incredibly special little lady and I can not thank pro dogs enough for saving her and allowing her to a part of our family. She shows that a little Pomeranian cross spitz just like any dog can go through a lot as a rescue and still go into their new home with a bit of dedication and a lot of love and can settle to be a major part of a family!

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