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Enid's Story

Bonnie, now Enid, had had four homes by the time she arrived with ProDogsDirect, at 10 weeks old. A bundle of chaos, she convinced her foster carer's dog that toileting indoors was way more fun than walking all the way to the garden and decided the big Border Collie cushion bed was the perfect size for her to 'borrow', which didn't make her any friends! She received a huge number of applications and it was a family with a relaxed attitude to chaos who now cherish the, not so little(!) bundle of fun.


Enid's Forever Home

We’d been thinking about getting a dog for a year or so before we began actively searching for one. When I was growing up, we had a border collie cross called Maddie who we adopted from Battersea Dogs Home. She was a wonderful family dog – gentle, affectionate and totally bonkers. We all adored her and I always knew that if I ever got another one, it would have to be rescue dog.

When we began searching for our own dog, the only requirements were that it had to be comfortable around young kids (we have two sons) and happy to coexist alongside our two elderly cats. I think secretly I was looking for another border collie, but when I spotted ‘Bonnie’ on the Pro Dogs Direct website, my heart melted. An eleven week old chocolate Labrador with a brilliantly grumpy expression! I showed her profile to my kids and husband and we agreed to fill out an application form in the hope that we could adopt her.

The next bit was all a bit crazy. After a shambolic phone interview with the puppy’s foster carer (Mary) where I attempted to answer questions whilst simultaneously tending to my crying son’s grazed knee and fending off a massive dog that was trying to eat our picnic, I was convinced that I’d blown our chances, especially as another (probably less chaotic) family had also expressed an interest. But apparently the interview hadn’t gone so badly after all. Mary called to let me know that she wanted to arrange for someone to come and check our house for suitability the next day. But this was no ordinary home check. OH NO! Unbeknown to us the home checker wasn’t quite who she seemed and had come in a cunning disguise (although disappointingly she wasn't wearing a fake moustache and sunglasses). It turned out that she wasn’t just the ‘home checker’ BUT was also Mary - Bonnie's foster carer and once she'd decided that we were a fitting family she suddenly surprised us with the small chocolate Labrador who had been sleeping in the car (looked after by Mary’s niece).

The first thing the puppy did upon her arrival was wee on my son's foot. He was thrilled to have been greeted with such a shower of enthusiasm. We were completely unprepared but Mary supplied us with bowls, food, a bed and toys to get ourselves started. Weirdly this spur-of-the-moment way of getting our dog really worked for us. It's how we do things in our family - we rarely plan anything at all! We were warned that this puppy had a LOT of energy and was a bit crazy but we didn't notice. I guess we must be madder than most!

We allowed the kids to choose a new name for the puppy and they opted for ‘Enid’ after Enid Blyton which we all loved. Our elderly male cat ‘Derek’ gave her a clip round the face just so she knew who was boss but other than that, she fitted into our family just perfectly. Enid cried a little for the first few nights but we taught her that by doing so she would be let out into the garden to go to the toilet rather than get any attention, so it didn’t take her long work out that it was best to sleep right through. House training was pretty easy and we did a six week puppy training course that provided us with the tools we needed to continue her training at home.

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Two months later we were confident enough to take her on holiday with us to Cornwall and she was as good as gold. In fact she’s such an easy dog that we can take her just about anywhere. Of course, she has her naughty moments – she’s pulled over a container full of porridge oats and scoffed the lot, she’s chewed holes in more than a few cushions and she once somehow managed to eat a length of dental-floss which I had then to pull out of her bum (not nice for me of course but Enid must have had the cleanest colon in canine history).

A year on and we can’t imagine life without her. She is the funniest, maddest dog and loves to be a part of our busy lives. I’m a writer and I spend most of my weekdays alone at home working on my laptop. Now I have company and a reason to take a long break at lunchtime when we go for a walk. She’s there eagerly waiting to play with the kids the moment they get home from school and her bottom gyrates more frenetically than Miley Cyrus twerking on a bucking bronco when my husband walks in after work. Even our senile old cat Derek has fallen in love with Enid who seems to relish the way he dribbles all over her face, boxes her with his paw and then snuggles up with her in the evening.

Adopting Enid from Pro Dogs Direct has been a wonderful experience for us so far and we’re all looking forward to a long happy future together.

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