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Will my foster dog be house-trained?

Some dogs will be, some not, but a lot have initial accidents in a new environments. You need to reinforce a routine by putting the dog outside frequently at first and praising them when they toilet. Most adult dogs are usually clean in the house quite quickly but some take a bit longer and you do need to expect a few accidents at first.

Will it cost me anything to foster? Will I be paid?

Pro Dogs Direct will cover all the costs of your foster dog including vet bills, dog food and transport costs. We will provide all the things you need, unless you already have some of these, or wish to provide them yourself. You also need dog food and bowls, a bed and some toys / chews. Some fosterers buy the dog food; this is very welcome but is not expected. You will be a volunteer so we are not able to offer payment for fostering.

How long will I have a foster dog for?

It just depends on how long it takes to find the right home for the dog. This could be a few days or it could be a few months.

Can I adopt my foster dog if I want to?

This is usually possible provided we are not already talking to someone else about adopting your foster dog. It may mean though that you cannot, or would not want to, continue to foster other dogs, so if you enjoy helping dogs through fostering this needs a lot of thought.

Can I foster more than one dog?

We do have fosterers who foster more than one dog; it depends on your individual circumstances (e.g. other pets) and your experience with dogs. If you want to foster more than one dog we will talk with you about this at the home check.

What happens if I have a problem with a dog?

We will give you support and advice about your foster dog and help with any problems. We have a behaviourist who will give you more in depth advice if needed. Some foster dogs have never lived in a house before so they need time to settle and to get used to a very different life. Most dogs settle and get into a routine quite quickly.

Can I foster if I have young children?

Yes, as long as we are satisfied that you understand the need for constant and close supervision of dogs around young children and that you will provide this. You also need to understand that the dog will not have had a thorough assessment before you foster him or her. That is part of the role of the fosterer.

Can I foster if I have a cat?

Yes, we do have dogs who can live with cats. We also sometimes have puppies / young dogs who can live with cats.

Can I foster if I go out to work?

Yes, if your work pattern or your circumstances are quite flexible. When a new dog arrives he or she does need at least a few days to settle in before they can be left, so fostering does not suit everyone who goes out to work. It depends on your individual circumstances, so please contact us to chat about this.

Can I foster if I’m retired? Or if I have a health problem?

Yes, sometimes we have dogs that are suitable for older people. If you have a health issue you will need to talk to us about your particular circumstances. You need to be able to walk your foster dog each day. You also need to agree to keep your foster dog on a lead when out at all times.

Can I have a break? Can I stop fostering when I want to? 

If you want to have a break or to stop fostering it is better for your foster dog, if you can wait until a permanent home has been found for the dog you are looking after. However, if you need to stop at short notice we will find another foster home to take your foster dog. Unless it is an emergency, this may take a few days so we ask you to give us as much notice as you can.

How do I apply to have a foster dog?

The first step is to fill in our on-line fostering application for. When you have returned the form, one of us will come to your home to meet you for a home visit; to see where the dog will live; to talk to you about fostering; and for you to ask us any questions. You can also have a chat with someone who is already fostering if you’d like to.

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