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Lionel's Forever Home

In August 2014 Lionel was owned by what can only be described as negligent people. It transpired that he was off lead in Guilford High Street. As a 4 month old lurcher I'm sure you'll agree it wasn't the smartest move..

He was hit by a car which resulted in multiple injuries.. He had shattered bones in his left rear and his front right limb was degloved.. He was rescued by the vets at Cromwell who took him in and contacted Prodogsdirect... I had recently completed my hydrotherapy training at Greyfriars and saw his picture in an appeal for funds for his surgery (which has been extensive.)

This is the picture that stole my heart!!! Poor 4 month old puppy!!!

Donna, her team and several vets were wonderful in treating him and his rear leg was plated and his forelimb fixed although he still has hyperextension in it. I was at a seminar at Greyfriars referrals in September and got to meet this gorgeous boy face to face as he was an inpatient. I fell in love! Greyfriars were also fantastic in treating him.

After extensive rehab I got to adopt him at the beginning of October, I took along my standard poodle for a meet and great and things went great. I bought him home.

In mid October follow up X-rays showed that poor Lionel now had a dislocated hip and he had to have further surgery and had the femoral head removed. Back to Greyfriars as an inpatient!!!
After a few weeks I got him home again and so began months of intensive rehab. Physio and hydro at Greyfriars and me swimming him at my pool..Lionel was on a massive amount of medication to control his chronic pain.. massive! I couldn't reduce the meds, he needed them all. He loved his swimming though!!

He still does..

After 5 months of intensive rehab we saw an orthopaedic specialist as Lionel was on so much medication but still non weight bearing. The decision was made that the best option for his long term was to undergo amputation. A tough call but definitely the correct one. This was done at the end of March 2015 and to be honest the is like the puppy that he should've been last year now. Full of mischief and bullying his brother Doogle!!!

I would like to thank Donna and everyone involved for their support, advice and sorting all of Lionel's treatments which were like I said, extensive!!

After his amputation Lionel was very quick to get back on his feet! I'm amazed how quick our canine companions adapt to such things..He is now in full flight and my main job is to stop him from overdoing things as he would run and run an run as lurchers do!!

Life is great for us all and Lionel and Doogle are brothers in arms.. Doogle is so tolerant of the naughty Lionel bullying him! They do chill out sometimes though..

Many thanks again to all at Prodogsdirect and all who help and support them as without them Lionel wouldn't be alive let alone living his life to the full now!

Cheerio from Lionel the lurcher and his best mate Doogle the poodle.

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