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Nelson's Forever Home

We had been looking for a dog for several months after moving into our new home in Hampshire, but although we were determined to have a rescue dog, nothing suitable seemed to come up. We mentioned this to our friends Richard and Sallie when they visited. Richard and Sallie foster for Pro Dogs Direct and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Within a very short period of time we had been given details of a cocker spaniel called Bentley, who had come into rescue as he had developed a problem in one eye, which had to be removed.

Bentley was in foster at Chatham in Kent with Patrick and Lindsey , and we could not wait to make the journey down there and meet him. There is a cartoon in the Off the Leash series where young dogs in puppy school are taught how to emotionally manipulate their owners by putting their heads in the owners’ laps, and then gazing up soulfully at them. Bentley had obviously been taught this, as the first thing he did when we met him was to go straight up to my wife and plonk his head in her lap. We were both totally smitten, the only thing we did not like was the name, so we changed that to Nelson.

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Nelson became ours in March 2014, and quickly established himself in the village where we live. As relative newcomers, few people know our names, but everybody quickly learned Nelson’s. From his point of view, humans were only put on Earth in order to make a fuss of him, and right from the outset he would approach complete strangers and invite them to tickle him under the chin. If they happened to have a dog treat, better still.

He settled in very quickly as an indispensible part of our lives. Lindsey and Patrick had completed his house training, and also introduced him to the idea of walks. It was not long before we could take him for walks off the lead. His lack of one eye does not seem to bother him in any way, although we do have to make sure he sees that we are about to throw a ball. Admittedly he rarely, if ever, brings a ball back once he has got it, but that is what owners are for.

Nelson 3_HNT5980
Nelson 1_HNT5043

Other local dog owners envy us our well-behaved dog, who avoids water like the plague, and who (usually) comes when called. He even walks happily into the vet’s. The fact that our vet is as much under his spell as everybody else and gives him plenty of treats may just help. We just feel incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful animal as part of our lives, thank you Pro Dogs Direct for introducing us.

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