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Pippa and Clover's Story (now called Phoebe & Millie)

Pippa & Clover (who we also called Wendy, poor confused girl!) came to us as ex-breeding Westies. Two shy, sweet little girls, they weren't looking their best on arrival and needed to find a home with lots of tlc to get them feeling better.

Phoebe & Millie's Forever Home

When my beloved Westie Lucy died at the age of 16 in February this year, I was plunged into the depths of utter sadness. My husband Pete and I had discussed this day as we knew it was approaching, and we had decided that we wouldn't have another dog - at least not for a few years.... But I had not reckoned on the huge Westie-shaped hole in our lives. A few weeks later my sister-in-law innocently [not!] posted a link to Pheobe on my facebook newsfeed - of course I could not resist having a look - and then filling in the adoption form..... when Suzy contacted me the following morning to arrange a home check I began to feel there was light at then end of my tunnel of sadness. And when I went to meet 6 year old Pheobe a few days later, and subsequently brought her home, life changed very much for the better. Sallie who had been fostering Pheobe said she was the easiest rescue dog she had ever known - how true.... Phoebe breezed into our lives and I reckon she rescued us! Although she had been horribly neglected, she seems to be the most resilient character and lives only for the moment, she has a few little 'issues', but nothing that can't be solved with a bit of love and patience.

We noticed that Pheobe got really excited at seeing other dogs, as if she was looking for 'her dogs' [she had previously lived with 4 other dogs]. So we decided that we would try and find her a friend.... so that's when Millie came into our lives. Now she really does need us to 'rescue' her. Poor Millie had spent her 5 years on a puppy farm, having puppies. She'd never been a pet, lived in a house, had a walk, or been shown love. She was and still is terrified of humans. At first she was scared stiff of her lead - but now, only a couple of months later, she jumps around in excitement at having it put on. She loves going out for a walk - we are lucky to live in the New Forest, and you can almost hear her laughing and shouting 'free at last'!! I remember the first time she wagged her tail - after about 4 days - I just cried.... Millie is happy and relaxed with me and Pete, and each day she gets more confident with other people we may encounter. I think she will probably always scare easily and be nervous, but hopefully over time that will become much less.

Thank you Pro Dogs for rescuing Phoebe and Millie - the experience has been fantastic - hugely rewarding and emotional. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it.... we love our little pooches to bits.

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